• A total of four billion kilos of cereals were harvested in 2014, and 3.2 billion kilos of the harvest was used during the 1 July 2014–30 June 2015 crop year.
  • Approximately two billion kilos, i.e. about two thirds of the total, was used to feed livestock.
  • Approximately 440 million kilos was used for food, with wheat accounting for more than half, rye for one fifth and oats for one sixth of the total.
  • A total of 1010 million kilos of cereals were exported and 56 million kilos imported during the year. The biggest export was oats at approximately 350 million kilos.

The figures for the 1 July 2014–30 June 2015 crop year are still provisional at this time, and a final cereals balance sheet will be published in September 2016.